All 8 Aura Kingdom Classes unveiled

By Tam Mageean
aura kingdom classes

Aura Kingdom is making waves with its class options. Instead of your class defining your attributes, they're, governed by the weapons you wield, with your class simply deciding your play-style and what weapons are available to you. As you level up, you can "multi-class" with another classes secondary, opening up a huge variety of mix and match styles to experiment with.

Over the past weeks, Aeria Games has been drip-feeding the community with more and more class information, and today they have completed the set, as all 8 Aura Kingdom classes are unveiled.

Aura Kingdom Classes

The classes are; Guardian, Duelist, Ravager, Bard, Wizard, Sorcerer, Gunslinger and Grenadier. Now that they've all been established, here's the rundown:

Guardian - A melee class where Sword, Armor and Shield are all utilized as weapons. The Guardian class is much like a warrior/hero/dps from a classic MMO that can draw the enemies attention and provide front-line damage and support.

Duelist - Duelists are evasive, acrobatic, dual-knife wielding melee battlers that are best used to focus on a large enemies weak-spot, or picking off individual keystones in a horde.

Ravager - With axes, halberds and spears, the Ravager's winning trait is a large crowd-controlling area of effect, taking out mobs in big, damaging, sweeping arcs.

Wizard - Of the 3 magic-centric classes, the Wizard is the mage of choice if you like to deal out the fireballs. This class deals out big, splashy, elemental arcs of damage onto groups of foes.

Bard - The Bard, like a muse, is there to keep the teams morale high, providing healing powers, buffs and sonic-booms of damage to hold back the masses.

Sorcerer - The mage for fans of dark magic, the Sorcerer tilts the table, stunning and confusing foes, setting them up to your clan's advantage.

Gunslinger - The Gunslinger launches tight spread-shots of damage into the middle distance, great for small groups or large, multi-target enemies.

Grenadier - Since the rising popularity of Korean RPG's, it seems no game is complete without a Grenadier class/weapon. This heavy-hitter deals out long-range splash damage and is great for artillery use, applying early assault onto the bigger enemies, hiding behind their minions.

What class do you think you'll be checking out first in Aura Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!


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