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By Tam Mageean
aura kingdom bladefist

Aura Kingdom has unleashed a 9th character class onto its Taiwan Servers in the form of the sword-dancing Bladefist class. The MMORPG, known as Fantasy Frontier Online in Taiwan, features 2-handed combat through 9 different character classes;

Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Dual Axes, Dual Pistols, Cannon, 2-Handed Staff, Harp, Magic Book, and now, the menacing Bladefists, which differ from the Duel Blades due to their huge melee capabilities and unique buff special.

The Bladefists are 2 giant sized, double-edged blades mounted to your players hands. The deadly boxing gloves promise rapid attack speed and close-up melee combos and can deliver spectacular gymnastic air and ground attacks. In addition to this, the Bladefist class has a heal ability and a perpetual damage buff special that delivers more and more damage as your character accrues power.

Aura Kingdom Bladefist

Fear not if you're already invested in a class; after level 40 in Aura Kingdom you will be able to equip weapons from other classes too, so even your Dual Pistol ranger can be come the deadliest, up-close, Bladefist assassin.

The new class wasn't the only thing to arrive in Azuria this week. Players can now learn Alchemy, which will give you the ability to brew different potions to use in battle and buff Speed, Defense, Attack etc.

The western counterpart is still in its closed beta phase and has yet to add the Bladefist class. They are, however, open to beta applications via their website if you want the jump on this hugely anticipated RPG before it hits western shores.

aura kingdom fantasy frontier online


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