Aura Kingdom back story finally revealed

By Michael Jamias
aura kingdom back story reveal

Aura Kingdom takes place in the divisive tri-realm world of Azuria, revealed Aeria Games.

Azuria is comprised of three distinct and dynamically interacting realms. There's the first realm of Terra, the home of the mortal races and where adventurers will spend most of their play time. The second realm of Pandemonium is where demons lurk and plot evil schemes to conquer the two other realms. Then the third realm is Aura Kingdom a heavenly paradise where the legendary spirits known as Eidolons dwell.

Given this scenario, it's pretty much obvious how this rpg tale will play out: Aura Kingdom players will take on the monumental task of keeping Pandemonium monstrosities at bay to keep Terra safe. The first Pandemonium beasts first crossed into Terra through the power of the Cube of Gaia, shown in the photo thumbnail above, but it could also hold the key to the humans' salvation.

Marked as the so-called Envoys of Gaia, mmo heroes will begin their tale at the the seaside town of Port Skandia. They will first get a taste of conflict on the sleepy slopes of Crescent Hill, then wade through the murky pirate and black market pits of Helonia Coast, before push on to increasingly dangerous locales.

But among all the zones, the main focal point will be Navea, Terra's capital city of, where most of the game's most important quests will unfold, said developers.

Aura Kingdom is now signing up beta participants on its official website. Those who want to munch on more lore bits can follow the Chronicles of Azuria, the official story section that will be rolling out weekly tales about Azuria's history.


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