Aura Kingdom News

aura kingdom now on steam
Aura Kingdom has expanded its playable territory and is now available to download and play on Steam, Valve's wildly popular digital game store. Aura Kingdom’s Steam launch comes after securing enough fan votes and passing the Steam Greenlight process.Aura Kingdom has been previously playable through either the Aeria Games website or the mmo studio's gaming platform, Aeria Ignite. The Steam platform addition should further increase its fan bas...
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Jul 04 2014
aura kingdom feb patch
In February's patch, Aura Kingdom have launched a cornucopia of new content; new raids, new zones, a new class, new events and so much more. The biggest, most anticipated part of the new Aura Kingdom update has to be the inclusion of the new class; The Brawler. The Brawler class has been visible in character creation section of the mmorpg for some time, but frustratingly locked out by the developers. The brawler class is an up-close and personal...
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Feb 14 2014
aura kingdom open beta
Aura Kingdom starts off the new year with an open beta bang. Now it's all systems go for all-out public testing. Anyone can now explore the world of Azuria and all the cutesy trappings of this anime-styled free online rpg after registering and downloading the mmo client at the Aura Kingdom website. The open beta comes after closed beta held during the latter half of December. During this time, lucky selected testers created more than 170,000 ch...
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Jan 08 2014
aura kingdom closed beta
At long last! Azuria has opened its gates to the public with the Aura Kingdom closed beta test. We can finally delve into one of the most anticipated mmorpg games of 2013/2014. The anime-inspired mmo contains all of the vital pillars of an online jrpg or krpg; from the weird and wacky monsters and mounts, to the adorable pets and in-battle war-beasts known as "Eidolons", all of your evolve-able, big-eyed, bushy-tailed needs will be met. The char...
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Dec 23 2013
aura kingdom beta
Get ready to explore Azuria! We've been waiting for months now; pawing over the Eastern release of mmorpg, Fantasy Frontier Online in preparation for its transition into Western gaming as Aura Kingdom. The wait, however, is almost over, as Aeria Games announce that Aura Kingdom is just about ready to enter its closed beta phase. Developed by X-Legend Aura Kingdom is set to be Aeria Games' biggest game to date, featuring comprehensive skill trees,...
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Dec 19 2013
aura kingdom founders packs sale
Aura Kingdom Founder's packs allow you to join the first player beta access on December 16 for this latest anime-style mmorpg from Aeria Games. Players can purchase any of the four different Founder's packs to gain exclusive access to the Founder’s Beta phase, and get a headstart in reserving character names. These packs are priced in Aeria Points or AP, the currency used across all of Aeria Games online rpg games. There cheapest pack is the Su...
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Dec 03 2013
aura kingdom eidolon
You'll never fight alone in Aura Kingdom, as the MMORPG introduces a diverse array of battle companions, known as the "Eidolons". The MMO is still in development, with a closed beta on the way, but has already done well to keep our interests piqued. Aeria Games has trickled out new class information, teaser footage and now, a range of accompanying critters, to aid you on Aura Kingdom's battlefield. Aeria Games have presented a range of new Eido...
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Nov 20 2013
aura kingdom classes
Aura Kingdom is making waves with its class options. Instead of your class defining your attributes, they're, governed by the weapons you wield, with your class simply deciding your play-style and what weapons are available to you. As you level up, you can "multi-class" with another classes secondary, opening up a huge variety of mix and match styles to experiment with. Over the past weeks, Aeria Games has been drip-feeding the community with mo...
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Oct 30 2013
aura kingdom bladefist
Aura Kingdom has unleashed a 9th character class onto its Taiwan Servers in the form of the sword-dancing Bladefist class. The MMORPG, known as Fantasy Frontier Online in Taiwan, features 2-handed combat through 9 different character classes; Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Dual Axes, Dual Pistols, Cannon, 2-Handed Staff, Harp, Magic Book, and now, the menacing Bladefists, which differ from the Duel Blades due to their huge melee capabilities and...
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Oct 04 2013
aura kingdom back story reveal
Aura Kingdom takes place in the divisive tri-realm world of Azuria, revealed Aeria Games. Azuria is comprised of three distinct and dynamically interacting realms. There's the first realm of Terra, the home of the mortal races and where adventurers will spend most of their play time. The second realm of Pandemonium is where demons lurk and plot evil schemes to conquer the two other realms. Then the third realm is Aura Kingdom a heavenly par...
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Oct 03 2013