Aura Kingdom Glorious Envoy Package Giveaway

aura kingdom glorious envoy package giveaway

aura kingdom glorious envoy package giveaway

MMO-Play has teamed up with Aeria Games to give away free Aura Kingdom Glorious Envoy Package Keys.

Aura Kingdom Glorious Envoy banner

This package includes the following items:
Silverflash Tiger (3 Day Duration): This mount provides you with +45% move speed when mounted!
[5] Megaphone (NT): Use to broadcast a message to all players on the same server! 
[5] Lucky Card (NT): Increases loot drop rate by 10% for 30 mins. Using an additional card will add another 30 mins to the timer! 
[5] Warp Portal Card (NT): Use to open a Warp Portal!


How to Redeem Your Key:

1. Get your free Aura Kingdom Glorious Envoy Package key by signing in below with your Facebook account or filling in the form below with your MMO-Play username and password. If you don't have an MMO Play account, just register here.

2. Go to this link

3. Login to your Aeria account

4. Enter your key in the box and click 'Redeem'

5. Download the client and start playing

6. Enjoy! Please do not hesitate to share your feedback on our forums.

Giveway is expired.

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