Audition Online busts out a fashion week, detective mode and new songs

By Michael Jamias
audition online fashion week detective mode

In a new update, Audition Online keeps up with the trends by holding its own fashion week. Players can also explore a new mode that puts them in the shoes of a detective, according to Audition Online publisher Alaplaya, all while bopping to the new beats care of an Embassy of Music collaboration.

“During fashion week, players need to investigate a crime in Audition town: A thief has stolen all the designer clothing for the upcoming fashion show. In order to apprehend the culprit, clever dancers must discover a total of ten clues that appear in the new Fashion Week dance mode,” said Alaplaya.

Only players who achieve a perfect result for their step sequences will be able to decipher the clues and gain bonus points in the dance & rhythm online rpg, the developer added. Dancers who complete the clues and successfully solve the crime will receive an avatar set and other items.

A total of 60 new items related to the fashion week theme will be added, which should enable fans to dress up their characters with the latest catwalk-defining fashions in true rpg style.

Alaplaya also confirmed that the cooperation agreement with Embassy of Music has resulted in the addition of new items and three songs to the MMO’s extensive catalogues. These include Junior Caldera's "Rockin‘ To The Beat", Yves Larock's "Rise Up", and "All My Friends" by Tommy Trash & Tom Piper feat. Mr. Wilson.


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