Atlas Reactor News

Atlas Reactor Season 3: Warforged begins
One thing that Atlas Reactor players can't do is complain that there's nothing to do in the free mmo. A whole slew of new content is being unleashed by Trion Worlds as Atlas Reactor Season 3: Warforged is now underway. A popular game mode returns with the new season, but the main features are a new freelancer has joined the fray and that battles can be waged on a new map.Here are some of the features of Atlas Reactor Season 3: Warforged: New...
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May 09 2017
Atlas Reactor Chapter 4 now live
The action is heating up as Atlas Reactor Chapter 4 goes live today. The turn-based, action mmo is introducing some new goodies with the latest update that continues the ongoing storyline. In Chapter 4, Helio seeks help from the Freebooters, the unsavory scrappers and scavengers who work in the shadows of Atlas. Omni and EvoS are looking for any slip-ups in order to discredit the partnership, so it's up to the Freebooters to get whatever is neede...
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Mar 14 2017
Atlas Reactor enters eSports with ESL partnership
The world of eSports now has a new player in the form of Atlas Reactor. The competitive turn-based battler is jumping into the eSports arena with both feet. Trion Worlds has announced an Atlas Reactor ESL partnership that will now allow mmorpg players to begin registering teams for the game's first tournament that begins this Saturday.The release detailing the new Atlas Reactor ESL partnership reads, "The announcement comes on the heels of a ...
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Nov 10 2016
Atlas Reactor launches
The wait is finally over as the official Atlas Reactor launch is now live. A lot of interest has been generated over this mmofps/strategy game hybrid that features the unique mechanic of simultaneous turn-based action. This arena battle game also boasts a colorful cast of characters, called Freelancers, that range from a explosive-loving mechanic to a laser-wielding toy-bot.One of the interesting facets of the Atlas Reactor launch is that Tri...
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Oct 04 2016
Why you should embrace the Atlas Reactor free mode
Now is a good time to be an online gamer. The last few years have seen a glut of games all trying to cash in on the moba craze, but now developers are branching out by experimenting with new features. One of the more interesting recent games is Atlas Reactor, a mix between a strategy game and mmofps. Atlas Reactor has piqued gamer interest on several fronts: the first is that the game is buy-to-play instead of the standard free-to-play model, and...
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Aug 21 2016
Atlas Reactor free mode revealed
It's a pretty gutsy move in this day and age for a company to release an online rpg and charge for it. Many gamers originally thought that Atlas Reactor, the new turn-based shooter from Trion Worlds, was going to be free-to-play, but Trion shocked everybody when they changed their minds and made the game buy-to-play instead. The retail price for the game is pretty minimal ($19.99), but Trion has revealed the Atlas Reactor Free Mode to entice thos...
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Aug 01 2016
atlas reactor celeste reveal
Another free weekend is running in Atlas Reactor until July 17, and throughout the event you can take the roguish new freelancer Celeste out on a thieving spin. Celeste is described in her rpg bio as a roguish firepower freelancer who steals hearts and valuables with equal deftness.Given the short time to learn how to play Celeste, the MMO developers also offered three tips when taking her to the battlefield. First, you must be able to strat...
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Jul 11 2016
atlas reactor free closed beta july
The Atlas Reactor closed beta started off as an exclusive event, but mmo developers at Trion Worlds are feeling extra exuberant after the July 4th festivities, perhaps, so a public free event will take place from July 8 to 17.This expanded stretch of Atlas Reactor closed beta testing will offer the same spread of content, including the use of any Freelancer that's currently available up to the most recently released one called Celeste, The Ro...
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Jul 05 2016
atlas reactor free play weekend june
Want to have a literal blast? Atlas Reactor has you covered with the MMO turn-based game inviting everyone for a free play weekend on June 3 to 5. The Atlas Reactor free weekend will let you invite your dream team, fight in 4v4 battles and try out the team action game for three full days.You can sign up for the free play weekend event here. The free play weekend represents a small window for those who haven't purchased the Founder's Edition...
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Jun 02 2016
Atlas Reactor buy-to-play announcement
An interesting development is starting to sweep through the online gaming world. In the last few years, the free mmo revenue model has ruled triumphantly and buy-to-play has been on life support. A number of titles then began to buck the trend by boldly going the b2p route and have been quite successful. This has led some game companies to rethink their revenue models, and Trion Worlds is now one of those as they today announced the Atlas Reactor...
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May 05 2016