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    Atlas Reactor: Combat
    Turn based combat is slow but strategic....
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    Atlas Reactor: Heros
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Atlas Reactor Gameplay First Look - HD

Atlas Reactor Gameplay First Look - HD

Atlas Reactor is a multiplayer turn based game developed and published by Trion Worlds. The MMORPG list of games created and distributed by Trion Worlds contains popular games like Rift, Devilian and Archeage. Defiance is a first person shooter MMO developed by Trion in collaboration with SyFy channel. A TV series set in the same universe in currently airing. Trove, another Trion game, is a mix of MMORPG and sandbox features. Atlas Reactor completes the list with a strategy game with turn based mechanics. Traditionally, turn based gameplay or turn based combat means that players are active in turns. This model works well with strategy games as it allows tactical planning but has one disadvantage: players might get bored while waiting for the opponents to finish the turn. Most turn based games are pretty slow paced and this is exactly what Atlas Reactor aims to change.

Atlas Reactor is turn based but players don't have to wait for their turn to take action. The game implements a concept called simultaneous turns. This means that players are able to perform actions without waiting for team members or enemies. Players have to plan their moves and also take into consideration opponents strategy if they wish to successfully complete an action. For example, players may move to what they think it's a safe location but they can be taken by surprise with an attack. Atlas Reactor requires strategic planning and also quick thinking. Developers wanted to create not just innovative gameplay but also memorable characters. Playable heroes are called Freelancers. They have RPG skills and abilities. Zuki is a human character that specializes in bombs. She is also a skilled engineer and likes to tinker on her mechanical dog called Pup. This adorable mutt is another playable character who deals damage by biting and barking. Rask is another non human Freelancer. He is a ferocious beast with self healing abilities. Asana wields a sword, she is capable of very fast attacks and protecting team mates is one of her specializations. Atlas Reactor character roster includes many other heroes like Lockwood and Garrison.

A turn has four main stages. The first stage allows players to use support abilities like buffs. The next stage requires avoiding enemy attacks. Damage and offensive abilities are used in the third round. The last stage of an Atlas Reactor turn gives players the chance to change location in preparation for the new turn. Unlike MMORPG games that have PvE and PvP content, this title has only competitive multiplayer. Atlas Reactor adventures take place in a sci fi universe brought to life with great graphics and crisp details.

By Rachel Rosen


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