Atlantica Online makes way for “Rise of Atlantis: Awakening”

By Michael Jamias
atlantica online rise of atlantis awakening

The land of Atlantis, along with its capital city of Antillia, has emerged bearing new sights and challenges for Atlantica Online freshmen.

Atlantis is the newest continent to become unlocked in Atlantica Online, and is filled with initiation trials for the new Battle Mage and Blade Master classes. Its designated capital is Antillia, and those who venture away to the outskirts of the city should be ready for combat.

Players who take up the mighty staff of the Battle Mage will be able to cast devastating magic spells while also offering support tricks for her allies in the online rpg.

“Her skills and attacks make her a great damage dealer to groups of enemies, as well as being able to give buffs to her party members making her useful in a variety of roles,” said mmorpg developer Nexon.

Meanwhile, the Blade Master class focuses on dishing out melee pain and punishment. The more skillful Blade Masters are known to decimate entire rows of enemies and a mob behind, all in one combination assault. Unlike other Atlantica Online classes, the Blade Master is arguably the most aggressive and boasts of strong offensive and survivability stats in the game.

Rounding off the new content in Rise of Atlantis: Awakening are the new mercenary, Gigas, and the new raid map, Forgotten City & Tartarus Laboratory.


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