Atlantica Online Releases Empires of Gold Update

By Jeff Francis
Atlantica Online Empires of Gold

Venture into the steamy jungles of South America as Atlantica Online releases their Empires of Gold update for the mmorpg. The empires of the Inca and Maya once ruled all of Mesoamerica, and players can now enter that realm in search of conquest and glory. The Empires of Gold update features a new class, a new mercenary, and four new dungeons to explore.

Atlantica Online Empires of Gold

The Celestial Hunter is the new class introduced in Empires of Gold, and is the first in a new line of characters called Heroes. These Heroes are powerful warriors that start at level 30 and are recommended for advanced players of Atlantica Online. The Celestial Warrior is an archer with unparalleled skill. A new mercenary is introduced to Atlantica Online as Quilla joins the ranks. Quilla is an astrologer who uses a staff as her main weapon and has powerful magical abilities. She is gained by clearing the Golden Empire Defense raid dungeon.

Players will find themselves with plenty to do in Empires of Gold as four new dungeons are introduced to the mmo: the Forgotten City of Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu the City of the Sun, the Golden City of Eldorado, and the Golden Empire Defense raid dungeon. The dungeons become available starting from levels 30 to 48, while the Golden Empire Defense raid dungeon opens at level 155.

With Empires of Gold, you can fully explore the lore and savage beauty of the Inca and Maya empires in Atlantica Online. Will you find riches beyond your imaginings or your doom?


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