Atlantica Online unloads Ascension patch trailer

By Michael Jamias
atlantica online ascenscion trailer

Watch the new features and content hitting Atlantica Online, including a level 160 cap and the exhilarating Centaur Hero raid.

The “Ascension” patch -- which is now live -- is the second of three content releases planned from April to June following “Awakening” and preceding “Judgment.”

“Ascension” distinguishes itself from the two other patches not only with its fresh endgame leveling grind and challenges, but also with the introduction of the new mercenary, Chironia. This arrow-slinging creature doles out high fire damage with each bow basic attack, with a couple of other survivability and support debuff skills. Players have a chance of recruiting Chironia by running the level 155 Centaur Hero raid.

Atlantica Online players can also explore the mysterious Transcendent Temple, traveling deep beneath its hallowed halls to discover a growing evil that threatens to corrupt the temple. Fans of the free rpg can take on quests and vanquish new foes with the promise of a new ring for those who clear the dungeon.

Finally, the raised level 160 cap comes with useful new talents that all classes in the mmorpg will relish. Blade Masters, for example, gain the Phalanx talent that mitigates damage to nearby allies, while the Spear Class piles on the punishment with Tactical Strike that allows their critical hits to deal more damage. Three talents have been unlocked for each class, focused on enhancing both their solo potential and team fight utility.


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