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atlantica online shadow legion
Atlantica Online rounds out its legion unveiling spree with the third and final reveal for The Shadow Legion. These eight mercenaries are described as part of a shadowy outfit of beggars who have chosen to eschew the material world and devote their entire lives to their legion. Many of those who join The Shadow Legion leave behind a life they would rather forget to start fresh with an ironclad camaraderie to support them every step of the way. ...
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Mar 19 2015
Atlantica Online Empires of Gold
Venture into the steamy jungles of South America as Atlantica Online releases their Empires of Gold update for the mmorpg. The empires of the Inca and Maya once ruled all of Mesoamerica, and players can now enter that realm in search of conquest and glory. The Empires of Gold update features a new class, a new mercenary, and four new dungeons to explore.The Celestial Hunter is the new class introduced in Empires of Gold, and is the first in a...
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Apr 18 2014
atlantica online ascenscion trailer
Watch the new features and content hitting Atlantica Online, including a level 160 cap and the exhilarating Centaur Hero raid.The “Ascension” patch -- which is now live -- is the second of three content releases planned from April to June following “Awakening” and preceding “Judgment.” “Ascension” distinguishes itself from the two other patches not only with its fresh endgame leveling grind and challenges, but also with the introduction of t...
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May 12 2013
atlantica online rise of atlantis awakening
The land of Atlantis, along with its capital city of Antillia, has emerged bearing new sights and challenges for Atlantica Online freshmen. Atlantis is the newest continent to become unlocked in Atlantica Online, and is filled with initiation trials for the new Battle Mage and Blade Master classes. Its designated capital is Antillia, and those who venture away to the outskirts of the city should be ready for combat. Players who take up the migh...
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Apr 22 2013