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  • Atlantica Online: character

    Atlantica Online: character
    Choose your class. Atlantica Online breaks the classes into 3 archetypes. Then just pick the one that sounds most appealing to you...
    Atlantica Online: character

    Atlantica Online: quest

    Atlantica Online: quest
    Be sure to complete your quests for rewards. You can find them easily enough. Like most MMOs, the yellow ? means you have a turn i...
    Atlantica Online: quest

    Atlantica Online: NPCs

    Atlantica Online: NPCs
    The NPC screen may be a bit dated but it is easy enough to navigate. Atlantica Online, like many RPGs, certainly likes to dress f...
    Atlantica Online: NPCs

    Atlantica Online: Combat

    Atlantica Online: Combat
    Combat is similar to the Final Fantasy system. You will run into monsters in the world and then go into a mini game where combat h...
    Atlantica Online: Combat

Atlantica Online - First Look

Atlantica Online - First Look

Atlantica Online is one of the latest free MMO from popular game publishers, Nexon. Atlantica Online includes a large variety of exciting features with the most notable being the turn-based combat system. Returning to traditional RPG roots, Atlantica Online provides players with a unique combat system aimed towards tactics and strategy over that of the typical MMORPG approach of gear and luck.

The core of the combat in Atlantica Online is the mercenary system which allows players to recruit up to 18 unique mercenaries from a selection of 40. Each mercenary has their own set of abilities and skills, levels individually and provides players with a large variety of strategic options. Players can have up to 8 mercenaries join them in a battle, selecting certain formations and tactics depending on the class-types of the mercenaries in the group. Atlantica Online uses the mercenary system to give players total control over each battle, choosing which combat type they deploy, what formations they use and which abilities they perform.

Although Atlantica Online uses a turn-based combat system, it does not retract from the PvP in any way at all. The PvP battles are intense and highly strategic, creating a unique PvP environment unlike any other MMORPG game. Players can duel in simple 1v1 PvP or they can participate in the famous tournaments which are held every 3 hours. Tournaments work on a basic knockout basis, the further you progress, the more rewards you can earn. Players can also entice others to fight them by offering a bounty, both combatants put forward a certain amount of in-game currency, with the victor walking away with the full amount.

Another great feature in Atlantica Online is the guild and town management systems. Any guild is able to fight for control over certain towns within the game, if they're able to defeat other guilds, they can become owners of that town for a short period of time. A guild has a lot of responsibilities to it's town, such as managing security, industry and ensuring the economy is balanced and flowing. Guilds also govern the construction industry within the town, choosing what types of buildings are constructed and what effects they provide. If a guild is able to hold a town for a long period of time they get the option to create their own nation, electing a king and unlocking abilities and skills that are not available anywhere else in the game.

By Rachel Rosen


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