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Astro Boy: Edge of Time is a free to play adventure cards game developed by Project Atom and published by Active Gaming Media. Based on Osamu Tezuka's works, the game transports players to a sci fi world. The universe was entirely destroyed by mysterious forces. The only safe place is a city that exists in another dimension. Players travel to the city of Sprawl where they team up with mechanical beings in order to survive. Astro Boy: Edge of Time gameplay includes card collecting features, story mode campaign and PvP that allows MMO player interaction. The story driven campaign is a single player mode. The multiplayer system has friendly and ranked matches. Astro Boy: Edge of Time features characters from the original manga.

Players will discover a strategic combat system. Astro Boy: Edge of Time is not a RPG where players fight with a character, instead, it requires players to use cards to battle the opponent. Each player is in control of two card rows. Cards will be placed on rows depending on their type. Offensive cards that are used to attack the opponent can only be placed on the offensive row. The second row, called the defensive row, has cards with defense only functions. Defensive cards cannot be used for attack and offensive cards cannot be used for defense. Offensive cards are called enforcers while defensive ones are called guardians. Astro Boy: Edge of Time has two game modes: single and multiplayer. The single player mode is a story campaign based on Tezuka's works and features characters from the manga. Players will notice the beautifully created card design. Some of the best Japanese illustrators worked to recreate popular Tezuka characters. Some of these artists are Hiroshi Matsuyama who is known for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, Satoshi Yoshioka who created Snatcher and many other talented creators. The story mode missions are played in episodes. Astro Boy: Edge of Time players are assigned summoners with the powers to create their own units. They are tasked with exploring the dangerous city of Sprawl. The ultimate goal is to shed light on Astro Boy's disappearance.

There are two ways to interact with other Astro Boy: Edge of Time players. Friendly matches against buddies and other players are a good opportunity to test new combat strategies. The best tactics will be put to use in competitive ranked matches. Just like MMORPG games that are improved with updates and additions, Astro Boy: Edge of Time content is getting expanded with new story missions, modes and cards. Players will be constantly changing their tactics, formations and unit setup to keep up with the updates. Astro Boy: Edge of Time is available on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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