New Ashes of Creation Q&A Tackles RMT, Forest Fires, and More

By Jeff Francis
Ashes of Creation Q&A with Steven Sharif

To paraphrase an old game show, mmo gamers say the darndest things. Case in point is the recent Ashes of Creation Q&A with Intrepid CEO Steven Sharif that was held on the game's Discord channel by YouTuber Siigari and a host of other players. It seems that some players are keenly interested in being able to start forest fires within the game. However, that notion was shot down by Steven Sharif as he lives in San Diego, which has seen too many wildfires break out.

One interesting aspect of the Q&A was how the company planned on dealing with Ashes of Creation RMT, and the game is definitely against it. When asked on how the game would prevent RMT and gold selling, Steven Sharif said, "We've implemented the security mechanisms in the game. In now P2W, we won’t allow gold sellers to circumvent our position on this. Behavioral algorithms, security mechanisms, we’ll have very versatile metrics we’re using to monitor those accounts. In addition, being a subscription-based game cuts out a large percentage of accounts made to just sell gold. It increases the barrier to entry. We can’t have 100% efficacy, but we’ll try very hard."

The entire Ashes of Creation Q&A covers a wide range of topics, which Steven Sharif gamely answers. It appears that the devs want weather to play an important role in the game as it will effect how crops are developed, what dungeons are available, and will impact trade routes and the economy. The mmorpg also has no issues with players multiboxing as they just see it as an alt. You can watch the full Q&A above or read a transcript here.

Are you satisfied with how the devs plan on tackling Ashes of Creation RMT? Did the recent Q&A address one of your topics of interest? Let us know in the comments below.


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