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Ashes of Creation Q&A with Steven Sharif
To paraphrase an old game show, mmo gamers say the darndest things. Case in point is the recent Ashes of Creation Q&A with Intrepid CEO Steven Sharif that was held on the game's Discord channel by YouTuber Siigari and a host of other players. It seems that some players are keenly interested in being able to start forest fires within the game. However, that notion was shot down by Steven Sharif as he lives in San Diego, which has seen too many...
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May 15 2017
Ashes of Creation Kickstarter starts strong
The last decade has seen mmorpg games go from focusing on multiplayer action to that of the single player. Another facet of this situation is an ever-increasing static world for the players to adventure within. A new crop of online games are rising to bring back a number of sandbox elements for greater immersion as well as getting players to actively associate with other players. One such game is Ashes of Creation, which features some intriguing ...
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May 01 2017