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Ashes of Creation is a MMO RPG developed and published by Intrepid Studios. It features a dynamic world, sandbox gameplay, player interaction, quest system and character development. The game has an innovative system called Node that allows players to shape the world. These nodes are basically regions that adapt and transform according to players actions. When players perform various game activities in a region the node records and shapes the zone allowing it to develop. Ashes of Creation nodes have several development stages. It's important to note that these changes are not permanent. The game world is always transforming giving players the possibility to experience new adventures. Ashes of Creation world features settlements that evolve or devolve according to players activity and choices. Player housing is another sandbox feature. It's up to players where they decide to call home. They are free to build their house in a secluded area or opt to live in a city. The player housing system is connected with the crafting and professions feature. Players can raise animals, become craftsmen and so on.

Ashes of Creation is one of the MMORPG games with a player driven economy. Any trade or profession is a potential income generator. Players that want to focus on farming or animal raising can build a plantation on their lands. It's also possible to become an adventuring craftsman and explore the world searching for forgotten treasures and rare crafting materials. There are a ton of raw materials that can be transformed into items that reflect the craftsman's skill. Ashes of Creation crafting system aims to allow players to develop unique creations not just standard recipe items. Trading is an important part of any economic system. Players can trade but rules and prices may vary depending on supply and demand. Resources needed to craft items have random spawning points around the world. If a zone is rich in a particular type of resource, items created from that resource will not bring such a good profit if sold in that area. This is why tradesmen travel the world and set up shops hoping to sell their goods at a high price in faraway zones. Players team up and create caravans to transport goods between regions and cities. Ashes of Creation PvP system allows players to attack caravans.

Castle sieges are another component of the Ashes of Creation PvP system. These MMO activities involve massive participation from hundreds of opponents. It's not easy to take over a well protected castle so those who want to raid such a settlement should plan ahead. Ashes of Creation has PvE content too. Lots of unique monsters provide challenging encounters. Dungeons and other multiplayer PvE activities are available. A quest system with different types of missions gives players more things to do. Ashes of Creation has great graphics created with Unreal 4 game engine.

By Rachel Rosen


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