Asheron's Call 2 to increase XP quest rewards in June patch

By Michael Jamias
asherons call 2 june patch

The new Asheron's Call 2 patch scheduled for later this month aims to make leveling easier.

Developers of the recently revived mmo sequel said the majority of quests will have their XP rewards increased, and Some quests will even have their level ranges adjusted to smoothen the leveling progression.

Notable changes coming to the patch also include the standardization of Incursions into once-a-day quests.

More Armoredillos and Green Wasps have been added to the Arwic area to help players complete kill tasks. The items for the Broth of Tanacha quest have been increased in frequency, as well the much sought-after Reaper Madness horn drops.

Meanwhile, the Warder of Cragstone now gives both the Cragstone Excavation and Find the Warder Corporal quest at the same time.

"With the Cragstone Excavation quest being a group challenge, we wanted to give players who couldn't get the quest finished guidance on where to continue their journey so they wouldn't hit a big roadblock on what to do next," said developers.

The Asheron's Call 2 June patch serves more as a quality of life update instead of a content update. Developers seem to want to lower the frustrations that rpg fans encounter, whether it be in level pacing or in collecting rare drops.


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