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asherons call free
Asheron's Call is one of the longest standing mmo games in existence, and as one of the original pioneers in the field, it's almost alarming that it has stuck to a subscription service for so long. Who can blame them though? After 15 years of loyal fans and subscribers, they've really had no need to poke the bear. This week however, their publisher, Turbine Incorporated announced that things were going to change. "As of August 2014, Asheron’s C...
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May 21 2014
asherons call 2 june patch
The new Asheron's Call 2 patch scheduled for later this month aims to make leveling easier. Developers of the recently revived mmo sequel said the majority of quests will have their XP rewards increased, and Some quests will even have their level ranges adjusted to smoothen the leveling progression. Notable changes coming to the patch also include the standardization of Incursions into once-a-day quests. More Armoredillos and Green Wasps have ...
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Jun 24 2013
asherons call maintenance
In a worrying address on the community forums, Asheron's Call announced it would be shifting into a "maintenance mode"; meaning that the game would no longer be receiving major updates. The development team at Turbine announced the news as a follow-up to their latest, and seemingly last Asheron's Call update. "We have no plans to close Asheron’s Call. We plan to keep the game open and the servers running." Although the 15 year-old, fantasy mmo...
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Feb 26 2014