Asda 2 adds three new maps and raises level cap to 85

By Michael Jamias
asda 2 new maps level 85

The anime mmorpg, Asda 2, takes players on a whirlwind challenge from the jungles of Fantangle up to the tower of Sky Islands.

Asda 2’s latest major content update introduces three exotic adventuring locations: The jungles of Fantangle, Wind Canyon and the elite map Astarica. Players can battle the monsters in these new areas in their climb to the raised level cap of 85.

Developers promised plenty a heady does of mystery and conspiracy. For one, players will get to uncover new tribes such as the legendary evil tribe, the Horu, who is led by king Pugnus.

Those who manage to defeat the Horu and complete the more than 70 new quests will earn worthwhile item and equipment fit for endgame domination. Title collectors will even have several more to collect by hunting down monsters in the new areas.

Asda 2 fans also receive a more rewarding Gacha system. Random prizes will include costumes, upgrade items, pets, and other premium items. Developers will also be testing the Guild Wave system for a second and hopefully final test run before rolling out on the live servers.

Finally, the free rpg celebrates the launch of the new update with events galore that will have players collecting tokens to be redeemed for items in the event shop.


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