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  • Asda 2: attack

    Asda 2: attack
    A tank mage? Yes, I use Slam to finish off these wolves....
    Asda 2: attack

    Asda 2: dance

    Asda 2: dance
    MMOMage takes time from her busy day to dance for us....
    Asda 2: dance

    Asda 2: bow

    Asda 2: bow
    Different weapons give different skills. Arrow Strike requires a bow....
    Asda 2: bow

    Asda 2: boe

    Asda 2: boe
    Items are bind on equip in Asda 2. So no 'hand me downs' for your alts....
    Asda 2: boe

Asda 2 Gameplay

Asda 2 Gameplay

Asda 2 is a popular, anime based MMORPG game that is available to play for free. Asda 2 is client based so it does require a lengthy download but it utilizes the latest Pando Media Booster technology, increasing download speeds to allow you to jump into game much faster than was previously possible.

Asda 2 features one of the most in-depth character creation and class systems ever seen in a MMORPG game. Each class has access to several different sub-classes, which then split into several different job types. As an example Warriors can choose to specialize in one-handed, two-handed or spear like weapons. Each weapon type has a different set of sub jobs. A Warrior that uses a 2-handed sword will be able to specialize into their role even further as they progress through the game, eventually unlocking all the available jobs for that class. A Warrior using a Spear gets an entirely different set of sub jobs to progress through. The same system applies for the other 2 available classes, Archer and Mage.

Asda 2 is also home to one of the most expansive pet systems available in an online game. There's a large variety of pets, from cute and cuddly bunny's to ferociously intimidating Minotaurs. Every pet is unique in their own way, requiring a certain food to improve, as well as having their own set of stats and personality. To be able to obtain pets, players must first find an egg and then use that egg with an incubator. The hatching process can take a long time but players can choose to go and search for egg boosters, a rare drop from monsters that speeds up the hatching process. Once you've hatched your pet you can summon it to aid you in both PvE and PvP battles. Pets level alongside the player and change in size and appearance as they get to higher levels.

Asda 2 features dozens of other ground-breaking features such as pulse pounding PvP battles, difficult boss fights and enough weapons and consume items to make 1000 different unique heroes. Asda 2 is considered by many to be one of the best free to play, anime MMO RPG games on the internet.

By Rachel Rosen


Asda 2 adds three new maps and raises level cap to 85

The anime mmorpg, Asda 2, takes players on a whirlwind challenge from the jungles of Fantangle up to the tower of Sky Islands...
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