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Art of War Red Tides is a multiplayer strategy game developed and published by Game Science. It's a game designed for PvP with no single player content or RPG story telling. Art of War Red Tides takes place in a sci fi world where three races are locked in conflict. Players can side with whichever alliance they like. New players will begin the game as Terrans. They learn that Terrans are at war with the Cetus, a very powerful alliance. The winning odds are slim at best but Starfleet Soldiers aren't ready to give up without a serious fight. General Austin leads the third Starfleet and hopes to score a victory for his race and for the Confederation. The other two Art of War Red Tides races are unlocked after players complete a few objectives as Terrans and reach level five. Atlac and Yaoguai are the other two game factions.

Gameplay is a mix of tug of war game and strategy. Developers took inspiration from a Starcraft 2 map called Desert Strike. Two teams compete against each other. Art of War Red Tides objective is to destroy enemy structures. A team wins the game if it manages to destroy three opponent turrets and the enemy headquarters. Before joining a match, players are required to make a race selection. Each Art of War Red Tides race comes with a set of more than 40 distinct units. Players will have to choose 10 out of those 40 to use in battle. This is similar to customizing a character in MMORPG games where players choose to improve and use only their favorite skills and abilities. Races have commanders who possess nine unique skills. Each race has a perk. For example, Terrans can produce cheaper units while Atlac are able to transform units. Using these racial perks costs essence gems. Art of War Red Tides matches have lots of strategic approaches. Players mix units and commander abilities to discover new ways to defeat their opponents.

Art of War Red Tides supports cross platform MMO player interaction between PC, MAC OS X, Android and iOS. Victories will be earned by those teams that understand the value of player cooperation. Because of the limited number of usable units, players can experience different fighting techniques even if they're playing with the same race. Art of War Red Tides is meant to be a simple game with easy mechanics and controls. Players will understand the gameplay in just a few minutes, however, it takes a bit of practice to build a good squad. Units can be easily controlled with the mouse. In fact, the entire game can be played without the keyboard. Art of War Red Tides for desktop systems can be downloaded for free from Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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