Arena of Heroes goes Live

By Tam Mageean
arena of heroes live

Here's a new MMO genre for you: the turn-based multiplayer online battle arena! Arena of heroes is taking the MOBA in a whole new direction, steering away from the real-time mechanic, and instead, opting for turn-based strategy instead. This will open the MOBA market to a whole new circle of gamers, hopefully making a more flowchart-friendly environment for the likes of the data-junkies of the mmorts scene.

Arena of Heroes has had all of the beta testing it wants, and has gone fully omega this week, to the delight of MOBA veterans and real-time strategists alike. In true MOBA fashion, the aim of the game is to destroy the "Power Core" at the back of your opponents base. It has a bi-weekly rotation of Heroes, you'll be able to purchase your favorites, to prevent them from jumping out of rotation too.

The story takes place at the heart of the galaxy, where the greatest power in the Universe is under the watchful eye of the Guardians. As a Guardian, you are tasked with putting the other guardians through their paces, and maintaining the balance within the Arena of Heroes.

Arena of Heroes has launched on PC, Mac and iPad. It's free to play and available now, so check it out and let us know what you think!


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