Arena of Heroes enters open beta

By Jeffrey Davis
arena of heroes enters open beta

Sneaky Games has decided that it has come time for its free-to-play MOBA to sneak out the invitation for all comers with the full launch into Arena of Heroes open beta. Unlike some of the more quick-action MOBAs out there, Arena of Heroes opts for a self-pacing, turn-based approach to its battle system. This essentially means that a more hands-on, tactical approach to your battles with other players and opponents will allow for more deliberate, self-guided decision-making throughout.

This form of MOBA battle strategy, for the record of accord, is actually incredibly useful as you get no more than a full two minutes on the clock just to determine exactly what your battle plan will be for each individual portion of the fight. If that's not your style, however, you can also stage multiple simultaneous battles as well in asynchronous play, which gives you a two day battle limit across every skirmish involved. Beyond that, each side gets just four heroes each to completely wallop the junk out of the opposition, so ensuring your survival against the other is essential to victory.

Arena of Heroes is set up for Mac and Windows systems alike, so regardless of what side of the computer system battle you're on has no bearing on your ability to participate. Plus, future delivery plans call for eventual mobile device support across both iOS and Android, and Ouya support is also planned for long-term availability. We'll have more on Arena of Heroes in the future, so keep it locked at MMO Play for continuing coverage of this and other MMO games as it hits.


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