Arena of Heroes News

arena of heroes live
Here's a new MMO genre for you: the turn-based multiplayer online battle arena! Arena of heroes is taking the MOBA in a whole new direction, steering away from the real-time mechanic, and instead, opting for turn-based strategy instead. This will open the MOBA market to a whole new circle of gamers, hopefully making a more flowchart-friendly environment for the likes of the data-junkies of the mmorts scene. Arena of Heroes has had all of the bet...
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Dec 13 2013
arena of heroes enters open beta
Sneaky Games has decided that it has come time for its free-to-play MOBA to sneak out the invitation for all comers with the full launch into Arena of Heroes open beta. Unlike some of the more quick-action MOBAs out there, Arena of Heroes opts for a self-pacing, turn-based approach to its battle system. This essentially means that a more hands-on, tactical approach to your battles with other players and opponents wil...
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Jun 18 2013