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  • Arena of Heroes: Profile

    Arena of Heroes: Profile
    Your profile shows you the required fame until your next level; fame is earned by both winning and losing, however at a much highe...
    Arena of Heroes: Profile

    Arena of Heroes: Minion Turn

    Arena of Heroes: Minion Turn
    The minions in-game do not move on your turn, instead they are given their very own turn....
    Arena of Heroes: Minion Turn

    Arena of Heroes: Skills

    Arena of Heroes: Skills
    It's important to know your heroes and implement their skills properly....
    Arena of Heroes: Skills

    Arena of Heroes: Strategy

    Arena of Heroes: Strategy
    The turn-based system adds a ton of strategic elements, based on your current agility you are allowed a specific amount of moves; ...
    Arena of Heroes: Strategy

Arena of Heroes Gameplay First Look

Arena of Heroes Gameplay First Look

Arena of Heroes, developed by Sneaky Games and published by Zattikka, is a free MMO with MOBA mechanics and turn based combat. It’s similar to popular MOBA games like DOTA 2, League of Legends or SMITE. Arena of Heroes has a sci fi theme with a fantasy flavor. The energy core that sustains the fictional universe where Arena of Heroes adventures takes place is protected by a dome. The Guardians are a powerful group of heroes whose job is to keep the dome safe. Arena of Heroes is the place where they fight and train. Players start as initiate Guardians. They must fight in the Arena of Heroes and become experienced and reliable protectors of the galaxy.

There are multiple Arena of Heroes playable characters to choose from. All heroes have 4 main stats: offense, defense, utility and difficulty. The values for these stats differ from hero to hero. Another thing that differentiates heroes is the set of skills or abilities. There are 4 abilities available for each Arena of Heroes toon. This system makes Arena of Heroes similar to RPG games online where players choose from distinct classes. Arena of Heroes players should check all heroes’ description before picking one. There are a few classes of heroes: offense, defense and support. New Arena of Heroes users or players not familiar with MOBA genre might want to start with heroes that have a lower difficulty. This stat refers to how hard it is to master a certain hero. Heroes can be visually customized with lots of skins. When succeeding in battle, heroes get XP and level up to 10 (maximum level). The ability or skill to be upgraded is selected by players. It’s important to know what skills to level up. Arena of Heroes battles are fought between 2 teams of 4 players each. The goal is to destroy the enemy base.

Each Arena of Heroes player has a base to defend. There are 3 paths connecting enemy bases. Towers guard paths (or lanes). Each base periodically sends robots which automatically attack all enemies they encounter. Players must guide their heroes on these lanes, break the enemy offense and destroy the enemy base. Winners get XP and Arena of Heroes currency. Like all free to play MMO games, Arena of Heroes has a cash shop. The currency used in the cash shop is called Halcite Gems. Arena of Heroes combat is turn based. Combat starts with the deployment turn when each player places its hero on the map. Action points are spent each turn when performing different actions like moving or casting abilities. Arena of Heroes can be played on PC and Mac OS X.

By Rachel Rosen


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