Archlord 2 battles its way to Europe and Americas in 2014

By Michael Jamias
archlord 2 europe americas release 2014

WEBZEN puts fans out of their misery by confirming the Archlord 2 release year: Yep, the medieval fantasy PvP mmorpg is launching this 2014 in Europe, North America and South America. So far, the developers have given the green light for French, German and English language versions.

Archlord 2 battle screenshot

This is good news for fans and a fairly fast Archlord 2 launch period, considering that it was only recently that the free to play game held its early beta launch in Korea.

This suggests that the ongoing Archlord 2 design revision, which intends to tailor-fit the game better to Western audiences, won't take too long and will probably won't make too many drastic changes, at least based on the tight working timeline.

Archlord 2 will be based around a battle royale between players to claim the title to rule the world as the Archlord. It will have a classless character system and will run on the Gamebryo Engine, allowing for massive 400-man battles.

Together with the Archlord 2 European and Americas release date announcements, WEBZEN also dropped the system requirements.

The minimum requirements will be for Windows XP (OS), Pentium Dual Core E6600 3 GHz (CPU), 2048 MB (RAM), GeForce 8800 GTS with 512MB (NVIDIA VGA), Radeon HD 4770 with 512MB (AMD/ATI VGA), 1024x768 Minimum (Resolution) and 3 GB free hard disk space (HDD).

But the online rpg will run its best on these recommended requirements: Windows 7/8 (OS), Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz (CPU), 4096 MB (RAM), GeForce GTX 560 with 1024 MB (NVIDIA VGA), Radeon HD 6950 with 1024 MB (AMD/ATI VGA), 1024x768 Minimum (Resolution) and 3 GB free hard disk space (HDD).


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