Archlord 2 Closed Beta Pre-Registration Opens

By Jeff Francis
Archlord 2 closed beta pre-registration

Fans of brutal and intense PvP action can now stake a claim to gaining access to the closed beta of Archlord 2. Featuring a classless system where players can create the type of character that they wish to, this mmorpg has two factions battling it out over control of the world of Chantra. Gamers can choose to join either the Humans of Aimhigh or the Orcs of Demolition, with each race having their own unique specialties. Players can try out each faction as the Archlord 2 closed beta pre-registration opens for gamers to sign up.

There are multiple methods that players can use in order to sign up for the Archlord 2 closed beta that will begin in June. You can sign up using your already created,, or Webzen accounts if you have one. Another option for social network users is to sign up through the Facebook page of the mmo.

Archlord 2 closed beta

As is normal for most betas of mmorpg games, signing up does not guarantee beta access for Archlord 2. The game will be using the standard lottery system to determine who gets in. The only way to increase your odds of gaining beta access is to join an additional daily draw, which is found on their Facebook page. The developers are also stressing that those who already have an Archlord account and have been active in the last few months should pre-register as well. Perhaps they'll save some slots for fans of the original mmo.

Still, if you're into mmo PvP at all, Archlord 2 is one game that should pique your interest. The developers are still touting battles upwards of four hundred players to be experienced. If you want to sign up, you can do so at the official website, and also on their official Facebook page. The current total of registered players signing up has topped 28,000 so far.


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