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Closer look at Archlord 2 shutting down
In this era of where players can choose from hundreds of different free mmo games, it's inevitable that there will be winners and losers. Those games that rise above will draw in a horde of eager players and reap a windfall of financial rewards, but those games that fail to grab the gaming public's attention will quickly wither and die. Such a fate has befallen Archlord 2, the PvP-centric mmo by Webzen. Gamers found out earlier this week that the...
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Sep 25 2015
Archlord 2 shutting down
The Archlord 2 mmorpg has carved out a niche for itself for players who love to engage in some serious PvP. Despite the fact that the game has had a number of recent expansions in just the last few months, along with a level cap increase, it seems that the party is truly over as Webzen announced the news of Archlord 2 shutting down effective on November 24th.The notice of the Archlord 2 shutting down circumstances appeared on the game's offic...
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Sep 21 2015
archlord 2 dark stronghold
A frightful fortress has sprung from its evil slumber, and Archlord 2 heroes brave enough to enter its gates will encounter the most difficult bosses to-date in the mmorpg. The Archlord 2 Dark Stronghold is a new dungeon available only in Hell difficulty and houses vicious monsters that only the toughest rpg heroes from level 55 onwards can hope to defeat.But with level 60 legendary gear on the line, heroes will strive to conquer the Dark St...
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Jul 28 2015
Archlord 2 Stardust Land update released
Getting new content in an mmorpg game is similar to enjoying that new car smell. There's just something about delving into new content, fighting new monsters, finding better gear, and exploring new areas. Of course, another benefit of the Archlord 2 Stardust Land update that was just released is that the level cap is being raised to level sixty.The Archlord 2 Stardust Land update features the ominous presence of Galia, the foe that has been b...
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Jun 17 2015
archlord 2 land of corruption
Archlord 2 travels to the forsaken Land of Corruption, one of two new territories in the February 2015 update for the PvP-focused MMO. The Archlord 2 Land of Corruption territory is described as a rich and fertile area that fell into darkness after nobles fought bloody wars for its control. The conflicts drew the attention of the Dark Priest Galia who then summoned an undead army from the fallen armies and turned the once-bountiful area into a c...
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Feb 03 2015
archlord 2 eternal strife expansion
The conflict in Archlord 2 escalates with the release of the Eternal Strife expansion and entry of two new magically adept races.The Archlord 2 Eternal Strife expansion introduces the Dragonscion, which joins the Humans to support the Azuni's cause. Though they may seem to have a weak constitution, the Dragonscion more than make up for this frailty with their ingenious engineering skills. The Dragonscion are equipped with powerful long-range ...
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Dec 16 2014
archlord 2 first content update
Archlord 2's first major content update is now live, and it ushers in additional content for high-level players. The character level cap has been increased to 46. This means access to a whole new tier of equipment for both PvE and PvP play. Gear pieces can be obtained by purchasing from PvP vendors stationed in the capital cities or braving the new zones and dungeons for loot drops. The Archlord 2 world also expands with the opening of two new ...
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Sep 16 2014
Archlord 2 closed beta begins
Webzen has thrown open the portals to massive PvP combat as they announced that the Archlord 2 closed beta has begun. Players can now begin to explore the world of Chantra and hone their combat skills, as well as hopefully reporting any bugs found in the mmorpg. The game is available in three languages (English, French, and German), and there will be five different servers for the various geographic and language differences. - 2 North American s...
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Jun 18 2014
archlord 2 beta
It's been almost 10 years since the launch of the original, Archlord mmorpg came onto the scene and the sequel is now emerging on the horizon; promising some intense Realm vs Realm combat in over 40 battlefields. One of the biggest criticisms of the original Archlord was the initial grind that players had to invest in before gaining access to the high-level PvP content, but with Archlord 2, Webzen have given the players what they want and are fo...
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Jun 11 2014
Archlord 2 closed beta pre-registration
Fans of brutal and intense PvP action can now stake a claim to gaining access to the closed beta of Archlord 2. Featuring a classless system where players can create the type of character that they wish to, this mmorpg has two factions battling it out over control of the world of Chantra. Gamers can choose to join either the Humans of Aimhigh or the Orcs of Demolition, with each race having their own unique specialties. Players can try out e...
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Apr 18 2014