ArcheBlade officially releasing on Steam this April

By Michael Jamias
archeblade steam release april

Last we heard from ArcheBlade it became a Steam Early Access title and released the Hitman Hyde skin. But now it seems the multiplayer fighting mmo is ready to officially launch.

The ArcheBlade official release date has been confirmed this coming April on the Steam platform, with the exact day is yet to be announced.

CodeBrush Games said the ArcheBlade launch version will boast of new polished features, such as the customization aka Gear Up system, more equippable items obtainable through in-game currency redemption or real cash spending.

The rpg developers have also ironed out most of the kinks related to game balance, combat system, graphics and bugs.

Combat system improvements show the most glaring changes. All characters will now find it easier to hit their targets, will move faster, and will have increased field of view to help them better keep track of the battlefield.

Still not familiar with ArcheBlade? Well, we won't blame you because the developers are not in the habit of releasing in-game previews.

But you can get a feel of the fighting controls through this ArcheBlade internal testing video footage dropped around a month ago, and is the latest look we have of the still in-development title:


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