ArcheBlade to kick off $80,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

By Michael Jamias
archeblade indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

Help the fledgling ArcheBlade hit its $80,000 funding target to score exclusive donator perks.

Korea-based indie mmo maker Codebrush Games will be launching its maiden crowdfunding campaign on this Friday, September 13.

The campaign will last for 40 days, giving all ArcheBlade fans more than enough chance to pitch in and snag some of the exclusive perks that come with each donation.

Codebrush still has not revealed the tiered donation packages, but has listed down the perks it is willing to give away in order to get your cash.

These include promises of XP and Game currency boosters, gorgeous ArcheBlade wallpapers, in-game portraits, character skins and custom characters. Plus there are the big prizes such as Season and permanent passes, as well as -- hold your breath guys -- a trip to Korea.

If those incentives are making you drool, then start hoarding your spare cash to plunk down on the ArcheBlade's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

But where will the funds go, you ask? Codebrush hasn't revealed that yet, but it should be made clear enough when the Indiegogo campaign page is up this Friday. Our guess is it will mainly fund the ArcheBlade official launch. The free online rpg has spent the better part of summer already in open beta, and developers are probably revving up for a splashy -- and expensive -- worldwide release.


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