ArcheBlade introduces Hyde champion and Meceta currency

By Michael Jamias
archeblade hyde meceta introduced

Master Hyde and you'll be bursting down squishies in no time.

The newly introduced arrow master makes an explosive entrance to ArcheBlade, and we can already hear rumblings of the character being too effective as a damage dealer, if not obnoxiously OP.

This is all well and good though since ArcheBlade is still currently in early access beta on Steam, which means there's plenty of time to fine-tune Hyde and make him more balanced relative to the other characters.

Aside from activating Hyde, ArcheBlade developer Codebrush Games has also introduced the Meceta, which it described as a convenient new in-game currency.

With Meceta, players will be able to purchase new consumable items, namely potions, opening up "more variety for gameplay and replay values" in the arcade-style action rpg. Potions have notably prolonged fights. Supporters like how they can now survive longer and possibly turn around a losing fight but critics claim it just turns into a skill spamfest with less importance given to landing that battle-ending combo.

A lot of balancing fixes have also been implemented, particularly leveling nerfs on some of the more dominating characters that have been pubstombing most of the general mmo population. Elika, for example, who has been dominating the competitive scene as of late, has been quite weakened.


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