ArcheBlade patches in Hitman Hyde skin

By Michael Jamias
archeblade hitman hyde skin

The latest ArcheBlade update shoots out the premium skin "Hitman's Apparel" for Hyde, giving the resident archer a killer suit for his assassination sprees.

Every part of this slick Hitman Hyde skin fits nicely with the sneaky elf assassin -- from the leather gloves that help him get a better grip on his deadly bow and double short swords, to the blood-red tie that flies wildly into the air when he performs his agile attacks.

The Hitman skin will bring fear to Hyde's opponents in the MMO MOBA. That's if they survive his surprise assault long enough to see his menacing mug. Costume designers in the online rpg have given Hyde slicked back blonde hair that ties into a braid at the back. Such a no-nonsense hairstyle is practical in split-second combat; no bangs or flyaway hair to block his line of sight when he goes in for that finishing blow.

Hyde fans may rejoice at having gotten new threads this patch, but he also got nerfed with his JR base damage being lowered. Meanwhile other classes like Cezanne got a buff as part of another round of balance adjustments and bug fixes. The UI also got a few upgrades with developers making it more streamlined and easier to use.


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