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archeblade development shutdown
ArcheBlade fans, you'll want to sit down for this. Codebrush Games has annnounced a complete stop in development for the very recently launched free to play mmo just a month after it launched on Steam.What went wrong? It was a combination of poor sales at and after launch, limited financial resources to keep the company going in its current state, and a monetization system that didn't manage to rake in the dough. What does this exactly mean ...
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May 14 2014
archeblade steam release april
Last we heard from ArcheBlade it became a Steam Early Access title and released the Hitman Hyde skin. But now it seems the multiplayer fighting mmo is ready to officially launch. The ArcheBlade official release date has been confirmed this coming April on the Steam platform, with the exact day is yet to be announced. CodeBrush Games said the ArcheBlade launch version will boast of new polished features, such as the customization aka Gear Up sys...
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Mar 11 2014
archeblade hitman hyde skin
The latest ArcheBlade update shoots out the premium skin "Hitman's Apparel" for Hyde, giving the resident archer a killer suit for his assassination sprees. Every part of this slick Hitman Hyde skin fits nicely with the sneaky elf assassin -- from the leather gloves that help him get a better grip on his deadly bow and double short swords, to the blood-red tie that flies wildly into the air when he performs his agile attacks. The Hitman skin wi...
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Dec 30 2013
archeblade hyde meceta introduced
Master Hyde and you'll be bursting down squishies in no time. The newly introduced arrow master makes an explosive entrance to ArcheBlade, and we can already hear rumblings of the character being too effective as a damage dealer, if not obnoxiously OP. This is all well and good though since ArcheBlade is still currently in early access beta on Steam, which means there's plenty of time to fine-tune Hyde and make him more balanced relative to the...
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Nov 09 2013
archeblade indiegogo crowdfunding campaign
Help the fledgling ArcheBlade hit its $80,000 funding target to score exclusive donator perks. Korea-based indie mmo maker Codebrush Games will be launching its maiden crowdfunding campaign on this Friday, September 13. The campaign will last for 40 days, giving all ArcheBlade fans more than enough chance to pitch in and snag some of the exclusive perks that come with each donation. Codebrush still has not revealed the tiered don...
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Sep 10 2013
archeblade second closed beta
The second beta test for ArcheBlade, the multi-brawler free online rpg began over the weekend and will last until January 30. ArcheBlade beta servers will be open for 15 hours a day at specific times: 10:00 ~ 01:00 (PST)13:00 ~ 04:00 (EST)18:00 ~ 09:00 (GMT) Developer CodeBrush Games has decided to make the closed beta test more inclusive, allowing fans to simply fill out the registration form at and possess a Steam client to...
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Jan 28 2013