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    Archeblade is a free to play Counterstrike-style game with fantasy RPG combat. Instead of customizing and upgrading with microtran...
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    Each match starts with players picking their characters. Matches are either free for all or group vs group....
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    Hold down 'H' to see the different combos available to your character. These combos are special attacks that involve a combination...
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    Archeblade: combat
    Combat is fast paced in this 3rd person combat game. It resembles a cross between a first person shooter and Forge....
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ArcheBlade Gameplay First Look

ArcheBlade Gameplay First Look

ArcheBlade Trailer

ArcheBlade Trailer

ArcheBlade is a free to play fighting MMO developed and published by CodeBrush Games. The creators draw inspiration from popular titles like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter but ArcheBlade has distinct features as well. ArcheBlade is not an arcade style game, it has a third person view. Matches are fast paced and last about 10 to 20 minutes. Developers aimed at a category of players that don’t have too much gaming time. Even a short ArcheBlade session can be rewarding and entertaining. The mechanics are pretty simple. Each player picks up a character and fights against another human opponent. ArcheBlade story is inspired by ArcheBlade, the novel. While playing the MMORPG, players will learn about ArcheBlade characters and the interaction between them.

Each ArcheBlade character is different and has a complex background story. Renoah Collintz is a troubled young girl who excels as an arcane mage. Elika Bayer, a Dark Elf, is not just a fighter but also a financial genius. Gaspar la Velfanar is a dwarf who gained Empress of Darkness favors but he is still true to his roots. Cezanne la Gatal has infused his body with mercury shots that made him a feared opponent in melee confrontations. Elrath Nazaruth is serving the Empress of Darkness. Dan Mei is an immortal warrior. Tiac Thompson Jr. mixes magic with martial arts. Dick the Megaton is a dwarf born as a clone of an evil dwarf lord. However, he uses his powers for good. Renny Rich'Lich is quite a popular character in ArcheBlade free MMO world and she is also a spy. Despite the madness that flows in her bloodline, Valle Estrada Draco Emperatore gained a high respected position as a guardian.

There are 3 main ArcheBlade game modes with different maps. Players can compete in team deathmatch, capture the pylon or free for all ArcheBlade scenarios. ArcheBlade characters are controlled using keys and mouse buttons. Lots of unique moves and combos are possible if the right key sequence is pressed. The mouse buttons are used for attacks. ArcheBlade characters are moved on the map using the directional keys. Players can also perform special moves or skills. It all depends on how fast you press the correct keys. Characters have their own fighting styles and techniques. They also can equip weapons. Players expect not just solid gameplay but also cool fighting animations from action TPS/ RPG games like ArcheBlade. Great graphics and neat combat moves are delivered thanks to Unreal Engine 3. ArcheBlade is developed by a relatively small team of only 12 members.

By Rachel Rosen


ArcheBlade development axed, staff downsized

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ArcheBlade officially releasing on Steam this April

Last we heard from ArcheBlade it became a Steam Early Access title and released the Hitman Hyde skin. But now it seems the multipl...
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ArcheBlade patches in Hitman Hyde skin

The latest ArcheBlade update shoots out the premium skin "Hitman's Apparel" for Hyde, giving the resident archer a killer suit for...
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ArcheBlade introduces Hyde champion and Meceta currency

Master Hyde and you'll be bursting down squishies in no time. The newly introduced arrow master makes an explosive entrance to Ar...
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ArcheBlade to kick off $80,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

Help the fledgling ArcheBlade hit its $80,000 funding target to score exclusive donator perks. Korea-based indie mmo maker Codebr...
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