Arcane Saga will be over come September 16

By Jeffrey Davis
arcane saga shutdown

"Another one done, another one gone, another one bites the dust." These words from the rockers known as Queen ring true for yet another MMORPG this week as the publishers of Arcane Saga have decided to pull the plug on the game yet again following the prior shutdown of Prius Online, which had long sufered the same fate that its remade and relaunched sucessor now shares with the past back in another life. In fact, even the relaunched version of said concept was no more profitable than what came before as Netmarble stated in the announcement.

Or as the matter is explained within the official FAQ sheet:

"After a deep review, we've determined that the costs to operate are greater than the income generated. We do not feel we will be able to properly support the game if we reduce the amount of staff currently working on it. Therefore our only option is to close the game.

"This was a difficult decision for us and not one we made lightly or quickly. We have a full team of people who have dedicated the last few years to making Arcane Saga the great game it is. We want to thank everyone for their love and  support of Arcane Saga."

Sad news indeed for MMO players everywhere, as market dynamics and overall consumer attitudes have claimed yet another victim in the freemium entertainment marketplace. Our condolences thereof here at MMO Play go out to all players of this latest MMORPG bust, along with our best wishes for the development team as well.


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