Arcane Saga adds max-level dungeons in first content update

By Michael Jamias
arcane saga first content update

Just two weeks after its release, Arcane Saga is flaunting its new dungeon-packed content update.

The Arcane Saga first content update comes with new max-level 70 dungeons. Many players have already reached the level cap, according to developer Netmarble, so the new dungeons like the Crystal Mine should serve to keep them pre-occupied with challenges.

Those who are finding it hard to progress in levels though also got a boost with new leveling quests that have more generous XP rewards.

Crafting was expanded slightly with five new recipes making their way to the fantasy-themed free rpg. Meanwhile, much-requested tweaks that improve quality of play have also made it to the live version. These include a tutorial on how to equip and extract spheres, and an attempt at balancing the skills per class.

Developers even lined up seven events that will last through to July 11 that will give players rewards for reaching milestones or performing actions, such as the Level Up Ranking event that bestows increasingly useful items upon reaching key levels.

Some events provide temporary passive XP and gear boosts for the month, such as 30% additional battle XP for level 40 characters and below. This is expected to quicken the leveling pace in keeping with the game's promise that it is a certified fast-leveling, no-grind-required MMORPG.


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