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arcane saga shutdown
"Another one done, another one gone, another one bites the dust." These words from the rockers known as Queen ring true for yet another MMORPG this week as the publishers of Arcane Saga have decided to pull the plug on the game yet again following the prior shutdown of Prius Online, which had long sufered the same fate that its remade and relaunched sucessor now shares with the past back in another life. In fact, even the relaunched version ...
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Jul 13 2013
arcane saga first content update
Just two weeks after its release, Arcane Saga is flaunting its new dungeon-packed content update. The Arcane Saga first content update comes with new max-level 70 dungeons. Many players have already reached the level cap, according to developer Netmarble, so the new dungeons like the Crystal Mine should serve to keep them pre-occupied with challenges. Those who are finding it hard to progress in levels though also got a boost with new leveling ...
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Jun 21 2013