Tower strategy game Anomaly 2 launches on Steam

By Michael Jamias
anomaly 2 launches steam

Anomaly 2 has released on Steam and on the game’s official website, offering more of the tower offense vs. tower defense theme that made its predecessor stand out.

Anomaly 2 is the sequel to the critically praised Anomaly Warzone Earth. It is available for download for the PC, Mac and Linux operating systems for $13.49 as a first week discounted price.

11 bit studios, the Poland-based developer behind the Anomaly series, is also throwing a copy of Anomaly Korea for those who purchase from the official website (click the PLAY NOW button above to head to

Watch the trailer of this frenetic strategy game that puts some of the lesser mmo rts games to shame:

Anomaly 2 also takes a page from the strategy rpg games playbook by offering a standalone single player campaign to keep soloists immersed, while also plugging in a fun multiplayer mode.

The solo campaign transports tower defense fans to an icily bleak Earth teeming with alien invaders. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, as is always the case in these scenarios, and your character is part of a team tasked with fighting back the intergalactic interlopers.

But it is the multiplayer mode where Anomaly 2 shines as players can take either a tower human defense or tower alien offense role against the relatively more brilliant plays of human opponents.


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