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Angels Online Gameplay

Angels Online Gameplay

Angels Online (or Angel Love Online) is an mmorpg, developed by UserJoy Technology and published by Skyunion. It is available for free download on IGG game portal. Due to its original story and setting, Angel Online stands out from the mmorpg crowd. Angel Online approaches a theme less seen in video games. It tells the story of Lucifer, the archangel, and his fall from heaven. Lucifer had a passion for a girl that was in love with another angel. He used his powers to separate the two lovers forever. God punished him by sending him to hell. Here, Lucifer plots its revenge against heaven. Angel Online players will take the role of angels and join forces to stop Lucifer.

Players start their training in Angels Online in the Angel Lyceum. This is a little tutorial that helps new players get familiar with basic controls. After the training ends, new angels must join one of the 4 playable factions. These are: Aurora, Steel, Shadow and Beast. The class selection is really impressive. Angels Online free rpg has 15 classes. The Assassin is a shadow soldier, it uses light armor and is known for sneaking and striking from behind. The Priest is a healing class. Summoners curse foes and use minions. Wizards are masters of chaos magic. Magicians are drawn to nature and druidism. Protectors are a tanking class in Angels Online. Warriors are melee fighters and can back up Protectors if needed. The Swordsman is a melee dps class. Spearmen are ranged fighters. Archers are a class that uses bows. The Weapon and Armor Craftsmen use their skill to make equipment and have robots to aid them in battles. Tailors are the best mage armor crafters. The Technicians use robots and craft accessories. Chefs prepare the best food in Angels Online. Every class learns to master unique skills.

Angels Online has a large variety of quests, monsters and utility NPCs. After level 60, players can sign up for Angel Arena. This is a PvP feature. The Holy Battlefield is another PvP event that takes place twice a day on Fridays and Sundays. The duration for this event is one hour. Players of the same faction can team up and battle other factions in Totem Battles. House Party is a feature of Angels Online rpg that gives players the freedom to personalize their characters. Treasure Map is a chain quest that sends players on a treasure hunt. Guilds are a great way to interact and make friends in Angels Online. A new Angels Online expansion, called Eden, will bring features like in game marriages and new zones and dungeons.

By Rachel Rosen

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