Anarchy Online celebrates 12th anniversary with freebies and events

By Michael Jamias
anarchy online 12th anniversary freebies events

Anarchy Online players can look forward to Subscription bonuses, Borealis events, and the return of desert nomads.

Until July 8, Anarchy Online players who buy or extend their memberships will receive 50% more game time with a bonus Dust Brigade Parasite Helmet as a gesture of generosity.

The Anarchy Online 12th anniversary will also see an explosion of Borealis events where the faction conflict between the rebel clans and Omni-Tek continues to rage. The special events will began on June 27 and will last for two whole weeks, and Anarchy Online developers will even permanently alter the mmorpg world to reflect the aftermath of the Borealis events in the future patch 18.7.

Desert nomads have also returned: "The Tinker" is back in Newland Desert and concocting explosive gifts to send her nemesis, "The Desert Rider".

Players can join her mad quest for revenge eliminate as many "Desert Nomads" which will drop the parts she needs to make her deadly gifts. The "Desert Nomads" killing exercise will be located in Newland Desert, Mort, Perpetual Wastelands and Broken Shores.

Tinker will reward those who help her collect 250 items with the "Vacuum Packed Desert Nomad Armor".

Anarchy Online also spends its anniversary pampering its dedicated rpg games fans with freebies, including the "Ganimedes Personal Jetpack" claimable at the Itemshop as well as "Nano Crystal (Balloons)" exclusive for subscribers.

Anarchy Online is also not resting on its laurels, with Joel Bylos, Creative Director at Funcom, giving us a preview of what's to come in the MMO: “Going forward, with our current plans for the new engine, the new player experience and Steam integration, we are hoping to ensure at least another 12.”


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