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anarchy online mmo hall of fame
The votes are in, and Anarchy Online and Lineage 2 gained a consensus among the panel of gaming industry bigwigs that they should enter the MMO Hall of Fame list. Lineage 2 and Anarchy Online's MMO Hall of Fame recognition came after they earned the required 60% of votes from the 2015 nominating committee.The committee had an impressive line-up of esteemed mmo game makers and media influencers, including J. Todd Coleman (Creative Director of...
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Apr 08 2015
anarchy online 12th anniversary freebies events
Anarchy Online players can look forward to Subscription bonuses, Borealis events, and the return of desert nomads. Until July 8, Anarchy Online players who buy or extend their memberships will receive 50% more game time with a bonus Dust Brigade Parasite Helmet as a gesture of generosity. The Anarchy Online 12th anniversary will also see an explosion of Borealis events where the faction conflict between the rebel clans and Omni-Tek continues to...
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Jun 28 2013