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    Anarchy Online: Breeds
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    Anarchy Online: Classes
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    Anarchy Online: Combat
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    Anarchy Online: More Customization
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Anarchy Online Gameplay

Anarchy Online Gameplay

Anarchy Online, released in 2001, is one of the first sci fi mmorpg games, developed and published by Funcom. There aren’t many mmorpgs that can claim to have such a long life. During these 11 years, Anarchy Online has seen many patches, expansions and updates. Anarchy Online runs on Dreamworld Engine. The story takes place 30,000 years into the future on a planet called Rubi-Ka. This planet was once inhabited by god like beings. They learned the hard way that the engine of creation wasn’t something that can be controlled. The planet was destroyed and some of the few survivors traveled to Earth. They waited for an opportunity and a way to restore their lost world back on Rubi-Ka. Years passed and Rubi-Ka was rediscovered by the Omni-Tek Corporation. Rubi-ka was source to a rare mineral called Notum. The Omni-Tek colonized the planet and brought it back to life. Now, Omni-Tek and Rubi-Ka clans face a new threat. The alien race Kyr'ozch wants to destroy Rubi-Ka.

The 4 Rubi-Ka clans are the playable races in Anarchy Online. They are human colonists that suffered mutations. These mutations were the consequences of scientists experimenting with notum to create superior beings. They are: Solitus, Atrox, Nanomages and Opifexes. Players must also select one of the 14 available Anarchy Online rpg classes. The Adventurer can dual wield weapons and has good survivability. The Agent is a rogue/assassin/thief class. The Bureaucrat has excellent crowd control and support abilities. The Doctor is a hybrid dps/heal class. The Enforcer can tank like no other. The Engineer sends his robots in battle but, if needed, he’ll jump into action and use powerful self crafted weapons. The Fixer heals allies and traps enemies. The Keeper is a support and dps class. The Martial Artist is a monk type class. The Meta-Physicist conjures pets. The Nano Technician has great defense and is effective against single or multiple targets. The Shade is a pure damage dealing class in Anarchy Online. The Soldier is a melee dps class. The Trader can heal team mates and mirror enemy abilities.

One of the best things about Anarchy Online is that it can be played in short gaming sessions. Half an hour is enough to run a quick dungeon or complete a few quests. Anarchy Online free to play mmo doesn't neglect PvP fans. There are zones where players can freely duel. Anarchy Online has 5 expansions and rewards paying members with premium content. Anarchy Online has modest system requirements and can run on machines with medium to low capabilities.

By Rachel Rosen


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