Allods releases Wind of Changes expansion

By Michael Jamias
allods wind of changes expansion

Get blown away by the newest Wind of Changes expansion for Allods, which redesigns many features and introduces a new Dominion.

But before we get into the nitty gritty details, go watch the official Wind of Changes trailer:

Long-time fans of the free online rpg will notice the biggest changes came to the Dominion map, which was sorely imbalanced towards larger guilds. Game designers have scrapped the old system that was prone to power abuse and replaced with a fairer one.

"This means that the battles will become more random, guilds won’t be able to use unfair strategies to avoid fighting, or benefit by simply being at the right place at the right moment," said Allods developers.

On top of the sweeping balance changes and feature redesigns, MMO fans will also get a new PvP event called Scarlet Bastion, which allows up to 30 players of varying levels of equipment to face off in team arena competition.

The catch: It will be a 6 vs. 24 battle. If that's seems lopsided, well the first group of 6 have the highest gear scores among all the 30, and should put up a pretty good fight defending their fortress despite the number odds.

Newbies tired of playing the same old character can spice up their gaming and switch classes without even having to re-roll through the new Core Morpher item, a special scroll that can be purchased only at the auction house.


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