Allods subscription server details revealed

By Michael Jamias
allods subscription server faq

A new letter from the producer answers our most burning questions about the upcoming Allods subscription server.

The Allods subscription server FAQ distinguished the new paid server from the existing free to play ones. For one, the subscription server will not have access to the Item Shop and Currency Exchange, which means it will also not have Runes, Patronage Rank 5, Elixirs and Strongbox bonuses, among other things related to those two features.

In the subscription server, mounts will be accessible through a variety of game activities like spending gold (Horse and Twilight Wolf mounts), milestone rewards (Hurricane's Feather, Typhoon), PvP play (Fury) or Group Astral PvE (Stronghorn).

Similarly, some items such as bags and pets can still be purchased for gold at certain levels or gained outright after completing quests or killing bosses.

Developers are open to launching two subscription servers -- one for NA and one from EU -- but only if NA fans warm up to the idea.

"Europe for instance welcomes both the merge of all F2P servers and the opening of the P2P server; therefore they will get all their wishes granted. However, we haven’t seen the same level of reception as we would like to see from the NA community as a whole. If the community lobbies against it, there won’t be a subscription server for NA players," explained gPotato.

Fans switching from a free to play mmo with cash shop experience to a monthly paid subscription service can spend their existing gPotato cash shop coins to pay for subscription time.

But Gem Shards earned from the free servers cannot be exchanged for subscription time.

Meanwhile, fans choosing to remain on free servers can expect prices for items to remain the same.

The monthly paid subscription rate and final release date have not yet been finalized, but developers are targeting a release when the next expansion for the online rpg is launched "or within the weeks close after that date."


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