Allods Online activates subscription-only server

By Michael Jamias
allods online subscription only server

Allods players who hate paying for microtransactions can sign up for the new subscription-only server.

MMO fans were previously restricted to shelling out dollars for pretty much new Allods content and premium features, making it burdensome on the wallet, especially those looking to unlock everything in the subscription free rpg servers.

Now, in the newly launched Allods subscription-only server, micropayments have been removed entirely in favor of paying for a monthly subscription that opens up the whole game and all its bells and whistles.

The minor inconvenience is that players who jump to the subscription based server will have to basically start from scratch, as developers could not transfer characters from previously existing servers. To offset the burden of beginning from zero, subscription-only server characters will enjoy 30% increased experience gains and earn doubled stats points per level.

Playing on a subscription based server enables you to customize characters, ships or redistribute stats and talents by spending only in-game currency, which are earned through the course of questing and other activities. Mounts can also be bought with in-game gold. Compare this to the free subscription servers where Runes, Patronage Rank 5, Elixirs and Strongbox bonuses are a necessary and expensive evil, and combined, can lead you to spend more than what you would pay for a monthly subscription.


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