Allods Online celebrates its Leatherworkers

By Tam Mageean
allods online leather

Leatherworkers! It's time to tan up! While the Heroes, the Dragons, the Warlocks, and even the dead get their own exclusive events and celebrations in their respective MMOs, nobody takes into consideration the work of the humble crafter. Crafters and merchants take the meta game of their favorite MMORPGs to a whole new level, providing you, the front line, with an essential ecosystem of economy, supply and demand.

Finally, their time has come as Allods Online launches its Leatherworker's Festival. Crafters of Sarnaut will put aside their hides, punches and presses, and dress in their favorite leatherwear, for 10 days of showing off their best garments and crafts.

Leatherworkers, regardless of rank can head to Nezebgrad of Norovad and exchange the Special Holiday Coins that they've collected throughout the event with the Holiday Committee.

Allods Online Leatherworker's Festival

Leather adornments and items that will be dished out during Allods Online's event includes; the Leatherworker's Outfit, the Leatherworker's Headpiece and the Goblin on a Ball Figurine. All items can be traded or exchanged as you please.

Tanner's day invite's all players, regardless of trade, to join in the celebrations by dressing in the new Leather costumes and appreciating the hard of your fellow, master craftsmen.

The Leatherworker's Festival launches tomorrow, November 15th and runs until the 25th.


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