Allods EU servers to merge into one, subscription-optional server

By Michael Jamias
allods online eu servers merge

Webzen is combining all Allods EU servers -- Polish, English, German and French -- into a large multilingual server.

Grouping should become easy as heck, but we have to realize those language barriers should make it a little bit harder to execute perfect combat combos.

Webzen said the "united" European community aka the great Allods EU servers merge will happen on the first half of September along with the release of the new expansion, Everlasting Battle.

One of the biggest shifts though with the server merge is that item shop model used by the free to play mmo on all EU servers will be expanded.

Players can now choose to pay a straight-up subscription fee. When they do so, they get access to the united EU subscription server instead of the free to play server.

Subscribers won't ever have to purchase a cash shop item ever again since all bags, mounts or pets can be purchased for gold at certain levels, or gained by completing quests and killing bosses.

Server merges are always a messy ordeal for any online rpg, so Webzen has shed some light on how exactly it will go down.

Players keep their existing game clients and play their own native language interface, which basically means patching and downloading downtime should be drastically lessened after the merge. Also, EU fans won't be forced to use a different language interface -- we imagine it would be brutal to be asked to use a German interface when you only English!

And speaking about language barriers, Webzen at least gives fans tools to chat in whatever language they want. So if you're an EU player with bi-lingual skills, then you can swap into various language chat options on the fly depending on whom you're grouped with.

All official websites, social media channels and support will still be provided in native languages, Webzen also assured.


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