Allods Online marks season change with Autumn Wind update

By Michael Jamias
allods online autumn wind

Feel the strong breeze of improvements coming from the new Allods Online free content patch set to go live October 30.

“Autumn Wind welcomes sweeping improvements to Allods Online with updates to its user interface, a revamp of the Xadaganian female character model, and additions to crafting and the popular skirmish system,” said mmorpg publisher gPotato in a release.

The fantasy online rpg brushes up its UI to the player’s convenience. Astral ships will soon summon instantly when entering the hanger, and the Deposit Box will receive a one-click sorting option. The all-important Action bar will also be combined and re-ordered allowing for instant access to abilities.

“Quest Icons have also been introduced, letting users know which quests are repeatable, important, optional, or dungeon based.  Plus support classes will find monitoring their party’s buffs and debuffs much easier with the new UI order, ranking each by duration and importance,” gPotato adds.

The Autumn Wind update picks the lucky Xadaganian female for a visual upgrade. It will receive a new character model, “complete with improved animations, several new hair styles, and a brand new face to choose from.” Fanboys of Nataluya Zemstova, actress from the popular Russian TV sitcom The Eighties will also be pleasantly surprised to find her in the rpg, lending her voice and motions to the improved Xadaganian character model.

Autumn Wind also continues to rework and balance crafting, benefiting character professions all around. Meanwhile, PvP enthusiasts will be able to keep themselves busy with the new Summerhold skirmish.


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