Allods New Horizons Set to Land August 8

By Michael Jamias
allods new horizons set to land august 8

A new expansion for the Allods MMO will allow players to create their own allods and engage in thrilling territorial disputes deep in Astral Space. Called Allods New Horizons, it will be launching simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic in early next month.

True to its name, Allods New Horizons will expand the mechanics behind the fantasy MMO’s popular spacefaring system. gPotato said the new expansion fulfills the long-time dreams of players to create, design and rule over their own private allod. Dominion over an allod provides a player not only a place to call home, but also vital resources and perks.

A so-called trade wars system will also pit six-man Astral ships against each other to capture resource-rich allods for either the League or Empire faction.

Solo and party dungeon runners will also face new bosses and ever powerful loot. Shiny new mercenary classes can lend a helping hand – for a share of the loot, of course – and should make it easier to tackle the hardest contests even with just a handful of friends online.

Allods New Horizons even opens up the new North American Avilon server with slightly more convenient systems, including permanently removed cursed items and increased experience growth. New players and veterans alike who are looking for a new home in the online rpg should give this freshly opened realm a try.


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